Thursday, October 6, 2011


Realizing I was more than ready for church an hour before it start I decided to download the last conference talks on to my cell. Scrolling down the titles of each talk. I decided to read a talk I had missed by Neil L. Andersen called "CHILDREN". Naturallly being a mother this drew me in.

During his talk Brother Andersen shared a Christen womens blog entry. Although not of the LDS faith I felt strongly this was speaking to me and many other mothers. In this blog she states " "Children rank below college. Below world travel. Below the ability to go out at night at your leisure. Below honoring your body at the gym. Below any job you may have or hope to get. Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for" Looking around at the fathers and mothers at Trace's preschool I realized how young of a parent I really am. Being a young mother there are times I wish I had delayed having kids and finished college and build a career for myself. I always felt like I didn't accomplish what my brothers and sister have. But Brother Andersen stressing this made me feel relief that I am doing the right thing by having my kids so early in life. Because I am so young there is plenty of time for me to get my education. And so many tools for mothers to finish school. Thanks to night school and when used for the right reasons the internet.

Further in the talk I become every appreciative of my husband who is a great father Brother Andersen say "To a righteous father, there are no words sufficient to express the gratitude and love he feels for his wife's incalculable gift of bearing and caring for children". I remember Tim saying (with our first) thanks for giving me a son. And although I know he would have been happy with either gender it was so wonderful to hear that he was thankful for me. This thought and memory also confirmed to me once again I was doing the right thing and I had wonderful support in Tim.

"It is a crowing privilege of a husband and wife who are able to bear children to provide mortal bodies for these spirit children of God." -Neil L. Andersen. It truly is a privilege for me to be able to bare children (no matter how hard pregnancy is and trust me this one has not been easy) and it is also a privilege to be a mother to my two sons who always keep me smiling. I would be lost without them. And truly would not trade them for anything in the world and do not regret having them so soon in life.

"Whosoever shall receive on of such children in my name, receiveth me and whosoever shall receive me , receiveth him that sent me"-Brother Andersen quoting the Savor.

I know many women who long so hard to have children. Either unmarried or just can conceive. I hope that this talk has helped them realize the promises the Lord has made to them. "Faithful members whose circumstances do not allow them to receive the blessings of eternal marriage and parenthood in this life will receive all promised blessings in the eternities (as) they keep the covenants the have made with God" I truly wish for these women that life wasn't so unfair. There are mothers who don't even want there children when others who desperately want them are unable. I am so happy for those who are able to adopt these children. And am so grateful for loved ones I have seen go throughout this life some passing who have not had an eternal companion. That if they keep the commandments they will be able to recieve all promised blessings. I believe this would be a companion and children. This too gave me comfort and hope for those who haven't been able have the experiences I have had.

I am so grateful to my little growing family. I am so thankful to the Lord giving me such a gift. And having a husband who is also grateful for each little person in our lives and grateful for me. The women in the blog was right this is what God gave me time for no regrets!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Update Oct 5 2011

I must me on a blog kick since this will be my 3rd entry in the last two weeks. Normal you 'd see nothing from me for weeks and even months at a time. Yet I feel that since I have just written about pregnancy things lately a family update was needed.

We will start with our papa bear TIM
This week he is crazy busy with Finals. So far he has past each one. He his last one is today. I am fully confident in him that he will pass this one with flying colors. He is every knowledgeable in his field. I have been very impressed with him. I keep telling him he is getting smarter with age. Anyway he has one last class on Thursday and after that HE IS DONE at least for a few months he wants to go back to school soon. But a break is going to be nice for the up coming events in our lives. (see more details later in blog post). Tim will be higher-able after he takes his state boards which he will be setting up as soon as possible. He already has a great clientele build up. Most have a lot of business contacts. We are confident that he will do well once this is all over. Also new since I wrote last Tim turned 26. He is still a member of the Utah Air National Guard. And is working really hard to provide for his family. Lately his job seemed to be more stressful. I am sure the stress will ease up once school is over at least a little. (In case you are wondering Tim plans on keeping his full time job and doing massage on the side.)

Mama Bear me TESHA
I am currantly 16-17 weeks pregnant depending on the due date you are going by. I really have to start facing the facts that just because my orginal due date was the 14th of March doesn't mean anything. The ultra sound messaurd baby to be due on the 20th. This is probably the due date I should start going by. I am really hoping the 20wk ultrasound puts it ahead again. But we will see. Speaking of my 20wk ultrasound I will be having it Nov. 2nd and yes we will be finding out the gender. Predictions are needed, What do you think we are having??
I am the biggest WIMP this pregnancy. I don't remember feeling so sore so soon in pregnancy with my boys. But I have put into account that I am consistently chancing after my crazy boys especially my wild Trezy and having the lingering cough from a cold doesn't help either. I still get morning sickness here and there. I don't think I will feel good this whole pregnancy but I am hoping I can enjoy this 2nd tri a little more. The best thing I have loved so far is I haven't gained a pound after loosing in the first tri. I wonder if I keep getting thinner everywhere else but my belly as it seems to be getting bigger by the minute. It is so nice being all baby. It really helps to have the baby and be skinner than what I started but it really sucks loosing the way I have. Being sick SUCKS!!!

Little Bear TRACE
I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of this little kid. He has learned more in the first few weeks of school then he did the whole year last year. I really believe he has better teachers this year. They are informative and let me know the progress he is making. Just a few days ago he brought home his certificate for basic shapes. He and I went over these a lot. We found fun ways of calling them out when we where driving. Tim also taught him octagon which he has picked up as well. He is doing really well with his colors and almost has counting to 14 down. Just a little more practice on that one. He is also learning to reconize the abcs more. Sure he knows the song but I am not sure he can say yes that is the letter w and not m. But I am confident like most things he has picked up he will with this as well. The most important part is how much he loves school and loves learning. I hope that this will be something he will take with him for the rest of his school career.

Little Brother Bear Trezdon
We just celibrated Trezys 3rd birthday at the end of September. He was so lucky to have so many family members and friends who love him. This year we celibrated at the Library park in sf. With two different soups, cake and home made ice cream. After dinner the kids enjoyed a pinta. He was so excited for his pinta. For days before he wanted to break it open. He got a lot of fun toys and clothes all of which he loves. It must have been really fun because the next day he wanted to repeat his birthday and every time we go to the park. He says "that is where we sang Happy Birthday to me!"
Trezy has been potty trained for a few weeks now. I am so glad that I don't have to change dirty diapers for a while. Minus a few accidents he has had lately (pooping). He did so well for so long then the last few days he hasn't done as well. When he was potty training we bought him a new pair of boots that he could only wear after he was trained. I keep telling him any more accidents I would take them back. I don't think he likes the idea so hopefully he will do better.

This last month we had to say good bye to our dog Abby. She was only 6yrs. One day she was just acting funny when I went to see her at my parents house (landlords wouldn't allow pets) I wondered if she got knocked up. But she didn't want anything to do with me or even play sticks with the kids. I noticed she was walking funny and thought maybe I should take her to the vet not knowing the seriousness of her condition. Plus by this time it was late at night. The next day my dad called and said she was in the ditch and wouldn't come out. So I called the vet got her an appointment. My dad had to come home from work to help me get her out of the ditch. She was in a lot of pain when we tried touching her she would freak out. I noticed she couldn't move her back legs and was really starting to smell. There was no way I could handle having her in my car with my weak prego stomic. So we called the vet who came over. It turns out she had broke her back and was paralized in her legs. :( I wish I were rich but I couldn't afford the $5,000 back surgery and $300-$400 a day hospitalization. So the vet put her under. I petted and held her head as he shaved her and gave her a shot. I was so shocked at how fast she went. I miss her so much. The kids did pretty well with the news. They say poor Abby all the time but also say its okay we can just get a new dog. (the littlest says that) I think having fish die has helped that. Plus since she didn't live with us they weren't as attached as I was.

This is much needed with the sad summer we have had. We have been working really hard to get our credit where it needs to be to buy a house. We highered credit repair specailiest, Tim made us put aside part our tax return for some bills and I have paid everything early. With months of hard work we are finally able to buy a house!!! Hunting begins next week. Although I have looked online of months lol. This is the prefect time for us to buy something when it is so low. Other wise I don't think a house would be an option for us unless I went back to school and made as much as Tim does. And although I want to go back to school and work. I don't want to while I am prego. and I want to buy a house and be in it before baby comes and we finally can!! YEY!!!!

Well there is our family update for Oct 5th. I hope to write more often. So these aren't as long. :) But we will see.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crazy Dreams prego dreams

I was 5 months pregnant just before I found out what I was having when I went into Labor. Fear struck my body and tears ran down my check but there was no stopping this little one from coming. With a blink of an eye my baby girl had made her way into the world. Shock poured throughout the room full of nurses drs and family members as they handed me a perfectly healthy 7lb baby. How could this be we all questioned. The dr reaction was I must have been pregnant for months. This didn't make any sense since I had regular month visits from mother nature and my first ultrasound actually sat my due date back by 5 days. Then I woke to find my little growing belly and only two kids in the world. (prego dream during this pregnancy)

Another side effect of pregnancy are crazy dreams. Most don't even make since. Some are about your unborn baby others are completely unrelated. Some women will dream of the sex of their baby or the birth and have it be crystal clear and know that this is how it will be for them. Some have dreams about sex, cheating spouses, exes. Others have odd dreams, even nightmares. The dreams that we have in pregnancy are tainted with the worries and joys of pregnancy and the changing roles of our lives. Hormones don't always help either! I believe the above dream was my fear of having a prime or a miscarriage since I had this dream when the Dr. discovered I was bleeding a little. Yet having a full term baby was away of telling me that things are going to be okay. At least that is my interruption of it.

The oddest dream I had was when I was pregnant with my first (Trace).
My mom dad, myself, Tim and a couple of friends where walking through these tall wood doors (you know like the ones in Jurassic park when you first enter the tour). While Tim lagged behind the rest of us where about to reach the other side of the door when we heard a loud noise looked up and saw a little monkey.
His appearance of lovable squeezable monkey was just an act. He screeched out with a howl. Raised his arms and started throwing something. Everyone seemed to vanished leaving my by myself. I was talking all the heat of this little monkey. The smell was nauseating yes you guessed it this monkey was a dung throwing monkey. I was plastered when Tim finally reached the other side of the doors. I tried to warn him but he walked through it anyway. I stood waiting and nothing happened. The monkey just smiled at him and stopped throwing dung.

This dream seemed to have very little meaning at the time. However I had read that most of the time pregnant women dreamed their babies where animals most of the time when they were having little boys which what I was pregnant with at the time. It wasn't until later, after he was born the the dream actually came to be. Here I had a lovable squeezable baby boy. This too was an act. For every time I changed this little ones diaper without a fail he would poop one me. I am not talking about me holding him on my lap and he just happened to poop. He would actually have a cannon like butt and shoot it at me. I remember one time clearly I was on my bed changing him (in the middle) I heard a fart and knew what was going to happen. I tried dogging it laying back as far as I could my head now on the head board and it still got me and the head board (true story). What makes this dream even more true is the fact Trace never once pooped on Tim.

Then I have had dreams of falling off a cliff. Most can intrupet that as loosing contol. Which seems about right because being sick I have lost control of my house. And I believe the idea of having 3 kids is scary.

I of course was courious about pregnancy dreams so I hit the internet. It had some pretty helpful tips. It suggest that when you wake up and can you clearly recall what your dream was about you should try to find out the emotion that you were experiencing. Were you happy? Sad? Afraid? Then is suggest grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you remember from the dream and how you felt. Is there a reason that you might be feeling scared, upset or dissapointed? Listen to what your dreams are telling you and see if they relate to your real-life feelings, worries or concerns. I think this is something I will do the next time I dream something. I have had so many this pregnancy but most I forget.

My advice it is important not to let dreams get to you. You will only put stress on yourself. We all know that during pregnancy it is best just to relax. Try talking to someone about your dreams if you can't seem to shake you this often helps. If it is an emotion that the dream is attached to or a worry talking is probably the best thing. Also learn to laugh about the crazy dreams. A dung throwing monkey can be pretty funny especially in years to come. Thank you pregnancy hormones for keeping me entertained.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gender Wives tales.

Old wives tales about pregnancy that have been past down from generation to generation. Some are down right hilarious, some seem possible and others are down right hazardous. How fast the babies heart beat is, Chinese prediction charts how low you are carrying and even using Drano (yeah that stuff that clears your drain of gunk) are just some of the many wives tales. All trying to achieve one common goal gender prediction. So what are these wives tales and do I believe them? I bet I can bust most of these myths.

#1 The Tell Tale Carry
Take a look in the mirror. Does your belly hang low or does it seem to meet your boobs. Carrying low is a tell tale sign that you are having a boy and carrying high is a sign that you are carrying a girl. I have a lot of stretch marks that could almost prove this to be true. All of them point that I carried my two boys low. However there have been many women who have carried low and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. So because of those facts and if I would have to call fact or fiction I would have to go with fiction. BUSTED!!

#2 The Tell Tale Shape
This also requires a look in the mirror. This is more focused on the shape. Do you feel it looks like a watermelon=girl or a basketball=boy. This makes me laugh. When I was pregnant with a dear friend I believed she looked like she was carrying a watermelon and I looked like I was carrying a basketball. Guess what we were both pregnant with boys. BUSTED!!!

#3 The Tell Tale Heart
The babies heart beat that this. This is one I once believed could be plausible when I was pregnant with my first. My Dr. swore but and down that my baby had a fast heart beat. He'd joke all the time that this meant that I was having a girl. But also told me it was a fun wives tale. In this tale if your babies heart beat is 140+ you'd could painting your nursery in pink. Below 140 you could get out the blue. From the beginning I felt that the Dr. was wrong. I just knew I was going to have a boy. Well who do you think was right? The heart beat or me? ME!!! BUSTED!!!

#4 The Tell Tale Lunar
Chinese Lunar Calender is something a lot of pregnant women strongly believe in. Taken by the mothers age at conception and the month conceived in. Try it out here....
according to that since I conceived in June at the age of 25 I will be having a boy. Look at it again. I conceived Trace (my first son) In March when I was 20 it says girl. Lol that should prove this thing wrong right there. There is no doubt that my 4yr old is a boy. My 2nd son it was actually right. I conceived him in Jan at 21. The odds are still 50/50 here. We could ague this all day but in my opinion this wives tale is BUSTED!!!!

#5 The Tell Tale Craving
Sweet= Girl Salty/sour= Boy
Let me begin with telling you about my friend Harmony. When she was pregnant with her first her and I were out every weekend for fried ice cream. Guess what her first wasn't a girl but a handsome little boy. I think that this myth is safe to say BUSTED!!!!

#6 The Tell Tale Break Out.
Breaking out, feelings like you don't look your best, blame it on that girl you are carrying. "Girls take away their mothers beauty" I felt that I looked fabulous with my boys. Really, I thought I looked amazing no break outs or anything. Now I feel like one big zit needed to be popped. And for the first time I am gaining weight everywhere. These are two of my biggest complaints about this pregnancy and pretty much the biggest thing different then the other two. I am not sure if I could yet prove this theory wrong yet. But we shall see in just a few short weeks. But most myths are just that a myth.

#7 The Tell Tale Barf
Did you get green in the face in the first tri. Perhaps you are still fighting the sickness in this tri. . If so according to wives tales you are having a girl. If you are feeling fine chances are you are having a boy. I know many women who have felt wonderful when being pregnant with their sons. I on the other hand was not. I was so deathly sick with Trace I dropped 30lbs in the first tri. The after birth results where awesome but I would not recommend this being a fun way to loose weight. I am not alone on this. A friend of mine has had two little girls right in a roll then a boy (her last). She says with each of her pregnancies her morning sickness has gotten worse. With her boy she would throw up blood and have to get shots to help her with her nausea. Now that doesn't mean she wasn't sick with her girls she just wasn't as bad. So between her and I its safe to say this myth is BUSTED!!!

#8 The Tell Tale Drano
I don't know who in their right mind came up with this one. However I am a little curious about this one. This is the first time I have ever heard about this tale. (I am not endorsing this. If you are wanting to try it your on your own or does the manufactures). According to myth you add your urine to Drano. Then you watch it as it changes colors. I have heard that it will change many different colors but 3 colors seem to be the most constant. If you are going to have a girl the color of this homemade mix will turn green and for a boy it will change to a brown or a yellow. Many review on this subject have women swearing up and down. Some claimed this is how they used to predict gender before ultrasounds could. I have yet to see any actually studies on the topic. Thank goodness for technology right? Although I am not sure I believe this I am not willing to try it to find out.

#9 The Tell Tale Feet
Cold I am not talking about getting scared and running off. You really can't do that when you are pregnant. Your in it for the whole 9m. I am talking about temperature of your feet. If they are colder now then before you where prego or are the same. I would say my feet aren't any colder than they used to be. According to that myth that means girl. Do I believe in it No! But I can't prove other wise either since I did not pay attention to the temperature of my feet during my last pregnancies.

#10 The Tell Tale Melons
The best part about being prego for me this pregnancy is having boobs back. After having two nursing kids I have felt like an operation may be needed to restore them to their formal glory. This particular tale believes if you had dramatic changes in your breast expect a baby girl. Little to no changes expect a boy. I guess we will see in 4 1/2 wks. Still unsure I believe it.

#11 The Tell Tale Intuition
Mothers intuitions, the last of the wives tales I will go over. It happens to be the only tale I can say 100% without a doubt I believe in. Others may argue it but for me, I have always been right. I have felt both of my kids where going to be boys. I feel blessed that they are and blessed that they are such great friends. The ultrasound will prove me right or wrong in 41/2 wks. although I am confident in my intuition.

So there you have it just for fun gender prediction wives tales. Another way to play around with these is to take a gender prediction test online. I have several times all predicting a girl. Also try the Chinese lunar calender I mentioned before. Like I said with that one it says I am having a boy. They are a lot of fun but please remember they are meant just for that entertainment. Along with all the wives tales I mentioned above. I believe most tales are strictly that tales but still fun to read.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Up Date July 2011

Your eyes aren't deceiving you that is a + pregnancy test. We are expecting a new addition to our family March 14 2012.
No one is more excited than Trace who has been praying that this would be happen. As soon as I told him I might have a baby in my belly his eyes got bright and wide his smile bigger than I have seen the threw his arms around me for the biggest hug ever. He is already touching my belly to see if he can feel the baby (he claims he can but try to explain it is too early) and he tries talking to the little blueberry.
Trezdon has seemed to have grown up fast with the news. I don't know why it is. He no longer sucks his two middle fingers which to me is bitter sweet. I wasn't sure how I would ever get him to stop but he also doesn't like to be as cuddled as much. He used to tell everyone he was a baby but now he says he is a big boy. He tells people the baby is now in my belly. Again bitter sweet. I still want to enjoy my skinny little thing and cuddled up with him. The best thing that would come out of this would be if the little man would be willing to start potty training. Crossing my fingers that he will.

It is funny that things happen when they do. I wanted a baby off and on for a year. Tim really didn't want one when I did but was still allowing me to get my way. A few months ago he decided he was ready to have another. Once that happened it didn't take long before I was wondering why things were smelling stronger, why I was drinking all the water I could find, why I was tired and why I have to have a whooper. I think God knew we both had to be on board with expanding our family. Kids are a big step a marriage and now we are going to have 3. It is differently going to be a well worth it challenge.
I decided to tell Tim the day I got found out I was pregnant. I took one of his old shirts and got out my fabric paint. I decided to make foot prints from my own hands one pink one blue then printed daddy of 3 coming soon march 2012 . Once he got home I threw the shirt to him and asked him what he wanted to do with it. He smiled after reading it and gave me a big hug. A few days later we had a reunion and he was dying to show off his new shirt. I really wasn't ready to tell anyone but gave in. It was so fun waiting to see how long it would take family members to catch on. Me I am super excited about this 3rd baby. I am still fearful that I will miscarry again but I just have to have faith that won't happen. Even though I dry heave a lot, feel like i have the flu, am light headed, have fatigue, am peeing like crazy and sore breast i know they are all good signs that things are going well. (Even though it sucks living day after day like that.) I am calling to make my first appointment tomorrow. I will be 8 weeks Wednesday.
This is are update. Small yes but it is late (for a very tired prego women at least). I hope to become better at writing. Until next time hope you enjoyed getting the gossip of our private lives.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Up date!

(Our attempt to get a family picture is useless with Kids lol. Plus this is blurry. Getting some taken Spring 2011 )

We don't see much of Tim lately. He has been so busy between work and school.
I am happy to say he is doing really well in school. He has straight A's. It has really helped that he is loving what he is doing. He has many people tell him he is ready to go into the field already and he isn't even a senior yet. For those of you who don't know he is attending UCMT. He is an outstanding student. He hardly has time to study working 4 10s and on the road an hour to work and an hour back. Things have come real easy for him. I have been so impressed. I would have to study for hours and still struggle on things like antamony.

My goodness.....I am sitting here trying to find something new in my life. I can't think of anything. My life is Tim and the kids. The life of a mom I guess. I am however thinking about going back to school. I just need to decide if I want to go for my 4yr in something or just a trade school. I have a little time to decide. I would really like to go back to work when the kids are in school. I will keep you updated.


My wise little man. He has progressed in this first year of preschool. Not only did colors finally click in his head (I thought he was color blind at one point he would regconized one object was the same as another but the names confused him) but he has made friends. He brings a lot of art projects home which seems to be is favorite. I love the things he made then tells he made them for me. His teacher really focused on the ABC's he would bring a puppet home for each letter. He also made a blinket for the children hospital with his school mates. They have learned about all the holiday seasons as they come up. This whole time he has worked on writing his name. It is still a little bit of a challenge but I am so proud of him. He keeps trying and that is all I ask for.

My little tease is becoming more and more like his dad everyday. Our skinny little kid is going to be a bully in school. He doesn't let anyone push him around and he teases and picks on kids and even adults. But when he snuggles up with you rubs your face with his tiny hands and says "hi mama" I melt.
This little moster has going really good at his abcs and goes around counting 1,2,1,2. I got to get him onto 3 lol. He has "Child of God" memorized and sings it ALOT! When he sings it Trace joins along and you can feel the spirit these two little angels bring to our family.

Well that has been my every short up date. Hope you enjoyed reading a little about our family's accomplishments and plans.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Fun

Winter is a fun time of year for myself and my little family. Here is a quick update on everything that has happened.....

Dec 2 Trace turned 4yrs old. WOW!!! I can't believe how much time has flew by. I really hated him to turn 4. I kept telling him it's going to break Mommy's heart if you turn 4 can't you stay 3 forever? He said don't worry I will. If only that were something that can actually happen. As his birthday day came he said mom please let me be 4! It was so funny and I said okay you can be 4. He had a great birthday. We had family and a few close friends over for soup, cake and ice cream and had two activities a pinata ( I didn't make this one like the last one) and we went on a hay rid through the lights. Kind of a tradition for his birthday. And he loved every min. of it.

Before I knew it Christmas and New Years had came and went. We got a lot of nice things for Christmas but the best part of it all was the whole 10 days we had just to spend together. Tim didn't have school and he took off 3days (giving him 10days off). It was so wonderful. The kids really loved having there daddy home. It was really hard to send him back to work school and guard the week after new years. The kids seemed to enjoy everything they got for Christmas. Between Santa and Grandparents they had a ton of things. They are sure lucky that they are loved.

The most recent thing just happened Monday. It was our 5th anny. Tim look the day off which was nice but we didn't get to spend it together alone. We had a few guest come by and he had school that night. I was bugged a little but not nearly as much as I would have been if we didn't celebrate on the Friday before thinking Tim couldn't get off before. We went and had a massage love getting massages. The first time I have ever had one in on our honey moon so kind of fitting I guess :). We went to teypinkais which is also every fun to have a dinner and the show. I think we have had better chiefs before but Tim seemed to like him. Then we ended the night with one of my fav. things to do shopping. I got the sweater I have been wanting to get. Love IT!!! It has been an amazing 5yrs of marriage 7yrs of being together and 11yrs of knowing and being friends with the love of my life. It hasn't always been easy but it has always been worth it. I don't think I would trade our life together for anything in the world and I am looking forward for the years to come.

All becasue two people fell in love

All becasue two people fell in love
My Eternal Compainion